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Recent Theatre


Long Day’s Journey into Night by Eugene O’Neil

Directed by Tony Cownie. Produced by The Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. Opened January, 2014.

Cast included: Paul Shelley, Adam Best, Nicola Roy, Timothy Evers

Classic American drama about a dys­func­tional fam­ily in  free-fall dur­ing one emo­tion­ally gruelling day. Diana played the demand­ing role of Mary Tyrone, the fam­ily mat­ri­arch suf­fer­ing a slow men­tal dis­in­teg­ra­tion through her morphine addiction .

Reviewers say:
“Diana Kent’s play­ing of Mary, nervously fra­gile, fall­ing vis­ibly into the lonely par­al­lel world of her addic­tion, is espe­cially mov­ing” The Daily Telegraph,

“Diana Kent gives a haunt­ing per­form­ance . . .” The Times

“Kent makes Mary seem so fra­gile . . . she appears to be almost blown around the stage. A sober­ing por­trayal of addic­tion.” British Theatre Guide


Recent Television


Miniseries scrip­ted by Chris Lang and dir­ec­ted by John Strickland about a woman who recog­nises the man who murdered her par­ent when she was a child.

Cast included: Claire Goose, Peter Firth

Diana played ISOBEL HENDRIE, ex-wife of the mur­derer, who is strug­gling to come to terms with an abus­ive relationship


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